National Coalition for Cybersecurity in Cameroon : Christian Women of Protestant Churches and DIGITAL ACCESS Organisation Join the Train

The deal was sealed at the signing ceremony of two (2) conventions between the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications with the Department of Women and Social Affairs of the Council of Protestant Churches in Cameroon and the second with DIGITAL ACCESS... Organisation in the Conference Hall of the ancillary building of MINPOSTEL on Tuesday 28th March 2023
12 Articles for both conventions sealed the deal between the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications with the Department of Women and Social Affairs of the Council of Protestant Churches in Cameroon known by its acronym CEPCA and with DIGITAL ACCESS organisation. CEPCA, represented in the event by its Executive Secretary, Madam Regine NDJIKI BOTOL is a combination of Women Associations from 12 protestant churches in Cameroon with over ten thousand (10000) memebers. According to the Executive Secretary, one of the objectives of the group is to sensitize and empower women thereby ensuring family well-being, reason why they opted to partner with MINPOSTEL in order not only to gain knowledge of the opportunities offered by ICTs but also to be on the watch of the dangers lurking the sector. To attain these objectives, the association has as responsibility to make available to MINPOSTEL the calendar of activities gathering a great number of women, provide women during trainings, children to ICT Holiday camps, focal points for the training of trainers and training of peer educators amongst others. 
The organisation DIGITAL ACCESS’ deal was not far from the content of CEPCA. Being an organisation concieved at the heart of the the crisis in the english speaking regions of Cameroon, the program mainly aims at promoting the responsible use of social media particulary amongst youths. Mr. AROUNA POUNTOUGNIGNI MFENJOU, Coordinator of the National Programme to combat fake news, hate and dangerous speech online emphasises that the digital life is just an extension of real life and so youths must excercise civic respobsibility on both ocassions lest they jeopardize their future, reputation and esteem. The association also has as responsibility to provide an annual schedule of activities, trainers and experts for specific training. It is also expected to support MINPOSTEL in the monitoring and evaluation of the campaign and work with the relevant departments of MINPOSTEL in the develoment of applications falling within the scope of the parntership area.
In the capacity of the Head of the Ministerial Department in charge of Posts and Telecommunications, Minister Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG expressed her joy for counting two large organisations joining in the National Campaign to promote the culture of Cybbersecurity and raise awareness on the responsible of social media thereby swelling the figure of the National coalition to promote the culture of cubersecurity. 
According to the Minister, each group has its particularity for a particular target; CEPCA which constitutes a group of women will have easy access to the family. «Sesitizing the woman is sensitizing the entire family » says the Minister. The Minister however pledged to provide experts to train trainers and peer educators in the domain, admit young people and children from «Sunday schools» to the ICT holiday camp, provide communication materials for mass awareness of the program. Concerning DIGITAL ACCESS, they will have the most appropriate language and attitudes to win the youths over she continued. To this effect, she promised intergrating DIGITAL ACCESS into the coalition for the promotion of the responsible use of social networks, provide institutional support and support them in the development and promotion of the improved version of SMCHECK APP developed to comabat fake news and hate speech online.
According to the Minister, to every global challenge, there is need for a global intervention. Welcoming these two entities whose agreement does not entail any financial obligation into the fold is an assurance that the National Campaign is gaining grounds and the relay is assured.