World Telecommunication and Information Society Day/International Girls in ICT Day : Bridging Generational and Digital Divide in ICT

It was a conference hall full of young girls of secondary schools and officials from partner institutions converged to witness and join in the commemoration of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day and the International Girls in ICT Day.
The dual events that were celebrated in the conference hall of the ancillary building of MINPOSTEL was presided over by the Technical Adviser No 1 in MINPOSTEL, Dr. Nlend Raphael, personal representative of Minette Libom Li Likeng, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications on June 23rd, 2022.
According to Dr. Nlend, it was the ideal opportunity to remind the society of the importance of policies and information and communication technologies strategies as well as the relevance of matters related to the society of information.
He emphasised that considering the place ICTs occupy in our daily life, if used under favourable conditions can be powerful tools to increase productivity, stimulate economic growth, promote job creation and employability and improve the quality of life.
To achieve this, he continued, a society of inclusive information through digital transformation and acceleration of the economic and social development of Cameroon, a constantly evolving ICT sector and an adapted favourable and multi-actor legal framework through the partnership public-private has been put in place.
Given the theme of this year: " Digital Technologies for Older Persons and Healthy Ageing", the Minister's representative mentioned that according to the 3rd general population census and housing (2005) nearly 5% of the total population consists the ageing thereby constituting a target which ICTs will contribute to improve access to social services such as health, leisure and entertainment as well as activate the keys to "ageing well" thereby fighting against generational digital divide.
In the same vein of bridging digital divide in our sociery, the International Girls in ICT Day observed under the theme: "Access and Safety" came with lots of colour. As it has been the custom, over 50 groups of young female student innovators drawn from different government and private secondary schools went into a digital innovation competition and 10 were outstanding and awarded special prizes. This year had a special touch with physically challenged students (deaf and dumb) equally featured as laureates. Amongst these innovations was the theme centred ABUELA project concieved by DJOUKU NGUETCHUISSI NOELLA that aims at assisting the ageing in terms of getting quick access to health facilities. As the representative of the 10 laureates, NGUETCHUISSI, student from the Government Bilingual High School Etoug-Ebe Yaounde, lauded the government's initiative for giving a chance to young girls in the domain of ICTs and pleaded for their support and constant follow-up.
In response to this appeal, the representatives of the Secretaey Generals of the United Nations Organisation and The International Telecommunications Union for Central Africa and Madagascar, the representatives of CAMTEL and PLAN CAMEROON all pledged their support to ensure that the girl child gains equal opportunity and excel in the domain of digital innovation in Cameroon.