ITU DIGITAL WORLD 2021: Cameroon Shares Reliable Digital Economic Experience


WIthin the framework of the 50th anniversary marking activities of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) DIGITAL WORLD 2021, The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng took part in an online meeting on October 13th 2021, in the conference room of her ministerial department.

This intervention placed under the theme "Boosting Infrastructure, rethinking the Role of Government in Digital Transformation", is a round table conference set aside for political dicussions which will serve as foundation for the continued financing and facilitation of digital transformation. The exchange centers around three (3) main articulations ; reducing cost, boosting infrastructures and digitalizing daily life.
According to the ITU, the development of digital economy and development of infrastructure can only be achieved through policy and regulation that are consultative, collaborative and holistic and capable of addressing the most pressing issues such as market barriers. Going by this, Cameroon, according to the Minister of P&T has already opted for the development of a broadband market that is dynamic and rooted in principles that are largely agreed by the International Community and promoted by the ITU. She adds that the global idea of its strategy is creating a competitively market, enabling the government heavily invest in less attractive areas to private and public sectors investors through the development of innovative public-private partners and the development of legal and regulatory frameworks in favour of the consumers and investors.
Worth noting is the fact that, Cameroon is the only African Subsaharian Country that was invited to share its experience as a result of its much appreciated and reliable digital economic model by ITU as it boasts of approximately 20000 km of optical fibres. According to Her Excellency, in Cameroon's Digital Economic Development Plan currently under implimentation, emphasises is layed on three (3) main pillars; the infrastructure, the content and the promotion of cyber security which today is inscribed within the framework of the on going National Campaign to Promote the Culture of Cybersecurity and Raise Awareness on the Responsible use of Social Media.
ITU TELECOMS and DIGITAL WORLD 2021 is an International platform organised in collaboration with VIETNAM. The event aimed at bringing public and private sectors together through partnership and business opportunities is being held virtually from September 1st to November 30th, 2021.