Bertoua - National Campaign to promote the culture or cybersecurity and Raise Awareness on the Responsible use of Social Media. Local Authorities say "NO" to Cybercrimality

Local Authorities, of the East Region in Cameroon were schooled on cybersecurity and the responsible use of social media. This was during a 4 days working visit by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Minette Libom Li Likeng

in Bertoua on the 26th of of August 2021 within the framework of the National Campaign to Promote the Culture of Cybersecurity and Raise Awareness on the Responsible use of Social Media. The campaign which is placed under the theme: " let's all mobilise for cybersecurity in Cameroon", runs from the 25th - 28th of August 2021.

In his welcome address, the Mayor of Bertoua Town Mr. Dimbele Jean Marie Sodea lauded the Minister's choice in making "the town of the rising sun and precious stones" her second bus stop after the launch of the second phase of the Campaign in Buea in the South West Region on June 16th 2021. He pressed on to assert the pertinence of the campaign as the phenomenon of cybercriminality is on the rise and reassured the Minister of his ever ready support to make Bertoua a nest for cybersecurity thereby keeping the youths who are more and more becoming pilots of this disturbing societal ill on the alert.

In her address, the Minister reaffirmed the importance of social Media but did not fail to remind them that cyber threats affect all categories of the population and all types of digital platforms. "It endangers National Security, the economy, social cohesion, democracy, health, culture and our ways of life", she added. To this effect, Her Excellency made a call to the local authorities present to join hands in fighting this common enemy.

During a presentation by an expert in telecommunications, ICT and cybersecurity, Mr. François Joseph Nnemete, drilled the participants on the echo system of cybercriminality, the social media and the good practices when using social media which opened the door for an exchange between Minpostel and the Local Authorities.

From the hands of the MINPOSTEL boss, the Governor, the President of the Regional Counsel, the Divisional officer of Lom and Djerem, the Mayor of Bertoua town and many other Local Authorities received posters baring the ten recommendations that are to be applied when using social media such as: think before posting, respect others, don't say all about you, watch out for photos and video etc...