2021 ICT Holiday Camps in Bertoua. Day 1: Welcome to the camp

Orientation and sensitization was the order of the day at the 5th edition of the ICT Holiday camp in Bertoua, the town of the rising sun that welcomed approximately 1000 young people.

The camps that will run from the 24th through the 28th of August 2021, aims at popularising Information and Communication Technologies, promote the responsible use of social media as well as offer a useful holiday to rural and semi urban young people in that part of the town.

For an effective and productive coordination of activities, upon arrival, the campers were split into 4 main groups and harbored in two separate camps (Grand séminaire de Bertoua for young people between the ages of 10-13 years and Lycée Technique "canadien" for those between 14-18 years old). Monitors were subsequently assigned a number of participants for an inclusive participation.

In an era where the COVID-19 pandemic is a call for concern, all the campers went through a CORONA VIRUS TEST conducted by qualified medical staff.

In their different groups and families, the raison d'être of the camp was exposed to the youths, the respective anthems, slogans and mottos, all joined to beef up the day's activities.

Excitement and anxiety characterised the atmosphere as participants looked forward to having many more exciting activities in the days ahead.