MINPOSTEL emphasizes by calling on the girl child to embrace scientifics disciplines

According to the Minpostel, these disciplines favour the domain of technology such as engineering, sciences and mathematics. The government's role is to promote role models who will pull other young girls and women to the ICT sector.

The event aims at bridging the gap between the girl and the boy child in the domain of ICT"* 

Those were the justifications echoed by the Secretary General of MINPOSTEL Mr. Mohamadou Saoudi, personal Representative of  the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng as he presides over the 2021 commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child in the ICT Sector.

Instituted by the International Telecommunications Union since 2010, the main objective of this day is to  create an international environnement which encourages young girls and women to envisage career in the ICT sector.The event which marks it's 10th anniversary is placed under the theme, *"Connecting the girl child and improving opportunities"*.

According to the Representative of the United Nations Organisation Mr. Jean Jacques Massima, it is premodial for women to get connected if the possibilities offered by the 5G has to be veritably transforming and durable considering that the women represent the greater majority of the world's population that is not yet connected to internet. 

It can however be said that Cameroon can boast of fine brains as well as being on the right track to a fast digital transformation of young girls. This is justified by the quality of  applications presented by young female students and start-ups of the Government bilingual High School and Quality International school as well as women from empowerment Centers. Applications such as *hemo* aimed at bringing blood donors and patients in contact, *swap* facilitating access to portable water, *organic cycle* for waste recycling, *vaccare* a guide on vaccination as well as applications deco, home service food delivery just to name a few.

However timely and contextual those projects can be, the success of the girl child in integrating the digital world is dependent on the tools (financial, moral, technical...) put at their disposal to explore the world of technology, animated by their curiosity and imagination that can bring answered to some ICT challenges of our times says Doreen Bigdan-Martin, the Director of the ITU Telecommunications Development Bureau. This cry however was the conclusion of the presentation all the young girls and women in the conference Hall of the ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on June 23, 2021.