MINPOSTEL Training Seminar for Journalists on the Good Regulation of Frequencies

How can we properly manage the use of radio frequencies?
The minister of Posts and Telecommunications in the occasion of the closing ceremony of a two days seminar that held from the 14th to the 16th of October 2020

at the ministry’s annex hall on the theme Training Seminar of Cameroonian Journalists and Radio Channels Promoters on Issues Related to the Regulation of Radio Frequencies to conscientize and sensitize radio promoters and journalists on the dangers of poor management and regulation of frequencies and the risks it can cause to the society. The minister Mrs Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG therefore in her key address reiterated the importance of the rational, equitable, efficient and economic use of the radio frequency spectrum by all radiocommunication services which is an issue of high interest not just for the Cameroon government, but for the entire country.

What can be done to stop this danger of? To avoid the dangers which can emanate from the poor use of frequencies, journalists and radio promoters should register with the Telecommunication Regulatory Agency (ART) to get legal authority that permits them to emit and to get an authorized frequency range.

During the closing ceremony The Technical Adviser N°2, Dr Winfred Mfuh clearly demonstrated a picture of the damage a poor use of frequency can cause to the users using cars as an example. He also outlined that if frequencies are poorly used and managed, nothing will be heard and all that will be left is noise.

This seminar had as objective to understand the concept of frequencies and their importance in the development of electronic communications and the expected results which were to control the use of frequencies by journalists and radio promoters, and the evenly distribution and management of key instruments of frequency distribution, were attained.