“I urge you to be faithful to State institutions….., be loyal and committed to our sector’s cause”. -Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng

The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications recently installed and commissioned some 12 new officials appointed by presidential and prime ministerial decrees to top managerial positions in her Ministry.

A new Inspector General in charge of Technical Affairs (IGT), Mr. Joseph Nsongan Etung, appointed by presidential decree N° 2019/090 of 25 February 2019; a Post and Telecommunication Administrator, assigned to this more challenging post of responsibility after 24 years of working experience. He was commissioned alongside four Directors, six Inspectors and one Head of Division appointed by prime ministerial decree N° 2019/1102/PM of 04 March 2019. These officials, most of whom are telecommunications engineers and senior inspectors of posts, boost of no less than 18 years of service to the State.

In her installation speech, the Minister commissioned them to be loyal and committed. She also prescribed better performance which will consolidate this confidence bestowed on them by their hierarchy. She urged the newly appointed to release their genius instincts and let the state benefit from their competence. “Join the Minister to ensure the evolution of the post, telecom and ICT sector by putting an accent on performance as we accompany the Head of State in this mandate of Great Opportunities”.

Prior to this ceremony presided over by the Minister, the Secretary General of MINPOSTEL, Mohamadou Saoudi, installed and commissioned seven sub- directors and unit heads, 25 service heads, research assistants and others of similar ranking, appointed by ministerial orders N° 0001/MINPOSTEL of 25 February 2019 and N° 003/MINPOSTEL of 25 February 2019.

These promotions are aimed at providing better service for the State. The Minister tagged this group of newly appointed officials “the winning team”, she exhorted them to strive to be deserving of the confidence bestowed on them. She also advised them to always bear in mind that it is more rewarding to work as a team with other colleagues for an ultimate goal, which is transforming the digital economy and making it a key contributor to Cameroon’s emergence.