“We all agree that the newly appointed officials of SUP’PTIC who welcome us today are well trained, experienced and competent. I therefore enjoin you: Professor Guillaume BWELLE, Mr. WATCHING Felix and Dr. NKAMBA Léontine with confidence to contribute to the reputation of this illustrious institution

that must accompany the development of the digital economy through the students they will train. For the Head of State and for the sector the winning combination has been put in place and the reviewed school work can begin.” Excerpt from Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng’s Address at the official installation ceremony of the newly appointed officials of SUP’PTIC Yaoundé.

On Thursday 21 December 2017, the Minister of Post and Telecommunications in the presence of actors and stakeholders in the education as well as the post and telecommunication sectors, installed and commissioned the newly appointed Board Chairperson, Director and Deputy Director in charge of Studies of the National Advanced School of Posts, Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (SUP’PTIC).

Professor Guillaume Bwelle, new board chairman of the renamed and reorganized state institution is an ace professor and recipient of the Grand officer of the National Order of Valor and many other honorary titles and he has contributed immensely to research, education and administration in Cameroon and abroad.

Mr. Felix Watching, the new Director is an ace telecommunications Engineer who after 23 years of lecturing could be considered to have spent the better part of his life at the school of posts and telecommunications which molded him as technician, engineer and Masters holder in telecommunications studies. As a lecturer in the state institute he is reputed for being very strict and objective.

Dr. Léontine Nkamba, the new Deputy Director in charge of studies is a young, dynamic and learned scientist who has so far contributed immensely to research and education in Cameroon and abroad.

“On behalf of the Government of the Republic and all actors in the posts and telecommunications sector, I will like to express my gratitude to these officials for the commendable and loyal service rendered to the state this far. As for the newly appointed persons, I would like to insist o the fact that you benefitted from the revered confidence of the Head of state to raise the flag of the school high. You must confirm this renewed confidence through the quality of your work and results that shall ensue” the Minister concluded her address on this note.