"Posts need to reinvent themselves, embrace digitalization, redefine their value propositionand develop new products and services". Extract from UPU DG's message for World Post Day 2017.

Cameroon joined the rest of the world to commemorate World Post Day on Monday October 09, 2017.A day set aside by the Universal Postal Union (UPU) to raise awareness on the post's role in the everyday lives of people and businesses, as well as its contribution to global socio- economic development.
Joining in on celebrations to mark this October 09 birthday of the Universal Postal Union, actors in the postal sector in Yaoundé coordinated by Mr. Kalpele, Director of Postal Network at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL), engaged in activities like the round table conference on the theme "A modern post for an increasingly demanding clientele"; a "let operators speak" platform; a walk to raise awareness on the relevance of posts in today's world, and an exhibition by private operators and startups of the postal sector.
Officials of the Ministry grabbed the opportunity to this World Post Day 2017 to grant Operators a platform to discuss challenges, share experiences and table their grievances. The Representative of the operators in a speech at a ceremony to close the World Post Day 2017 activities, expressed gratitude to the Minister, Minette Libom Li Likeng for incorporating private operators in this year's celebration of the World Post Day (WPD).
In his speech, the said Representative, Edouard Ninganadji Deputy Director General of Touristique Colis et Couriers Express (TCCE) also raised the pertinent challenge of the influx of unscrupulous operators into the sector, who tarnish the image of the postal service provider with unprofessional activities.
On his part, the Secretary General of MINPOSTEL, speaking on behalf of the Minister lauded and encouraged operators who keep to the rules and called on unscrupulous operators to regularize their situation so that the postal sector would continue contributing to economic growth in this digital age.
The SG - Calvin Banga Mbom, advised operators to be proactive, to modernize and diversify their products and services so as to meet up with the demands of clients in this jet age. "Invest in the modern postal system based on the digital economy", he exhorted.
Operators of the private sector like TCCE, DHL, MTA Colis Express, Sud Dépêche Sarl, EMI Money, NFC Bank and Poste Mobile (a startup), took part in the exhibition on the esplanade of MINPOSTEL on Monday October 09, 2017. During the exhibition, the 23-year Ralph NKE, post and telecom Engineer and promoter of the startup Post Mobile thrilled many visitors with the expediency of his self-service courier device, "made in Cameroon" to take the courier service closer to the people (clients).
Considering the challenges faced by posts in this digital era, the UPU recommends three strategic pillars for actors in the postal world for the next three years: Innovation, Integration and Inclusion.

A collection of postage stamps and 'poste mobile' a mobile post innovation

Exhibition stands on World Post Day 2017