World backup day of Digital Data, “Your data is more valuable than your device”

Hardware such as laptops and mobile telephones are getting low-priced by the day but what is getting exorbitant and definitely priceless is our data which could be photo, video, document, email or memory.

The robbery of our hardware, the crash of an external hard drive, the capture of data by a virus and the wrong or poor manipulation of our devices can lead to the loss of our precious data. Therefore, to ensure a safe space where we can always have a second chance to regain our lost data, there is need for a recovery plan. Backup refers to a second copy of any and everything concerning your vital files or data kept using backup services.

To remind users and lovers of technology which seemingly have almost become totally reliant and dependent on it, the 31st of March annually is set aside for the commemoration of the “World backup day of Digital Data”. The choice of this celebration was brought close to the April fool’s day to remind users that it is only a fool who will forget to backup his data in this jet age.

Cameroon on this day joins the International Community in honoring this all important event. Within the framework of the activities marking the 10th edition worldwide and the 1st in Cameroon, of the World Backup day of digital data, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications gave a press briefing on the 1st of April 2021 in the Conference Hall of her Ministerial Department. It is relevant to underscore that the celebration of the world backup day falls in the scheme of the activities of the National Campaign to Promote the Culture of Cyber Security and Awareness of the Responsible use of social Media. A campaign which was organized and launched on December 2020 in Douala by Her Excellency in person at the instruction of the President of the Republic of Cameroon.

According to Her Excellency, this celebration comes at the appointed time when cyber crime is gradually gaining steam in Cameroon whereby, not only individuals but companies and enterprises fall prey to cyber crimes. To better safeguard our data, she stated the golden back up rule of 321; 3 for backing up our data in 3 copies, 2 for storing our data in 2 different physical media and 1 for storing our copy in a different location.

The ceremony which brought to the table a cream of journalists, representatives of the companies under the supervision of MINPOSTEL, Goodwill Ambassadors of the National Campaign to Promote the Culture of Cyber Security and Awareness of the Responsible use of social Media, Administrators of MINPOSTEL witnessed a question and answer session between Her Excellency and some journalists. The take home message was “Your data is more valuable than your device”, so back it up.