Presentation of the Posts and Telecommunications Staff Association

Since January 4, 2011, the staff of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has their Association. This refers to the Posts and Telecommunications Staff Association (MUPOSTEL). The activities of this association were launched by Mr. Edouard Ebah Abada, Secretary General at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. At the end of the work, a temporary office was set up and was composed as follows.

Chairperson: M. KAPTUE Pierre, CT1
Vice Chair : M. POKOSSY BELLE Emmanuel, Head of the Division of Legal Affairs
Secretary General : Mrs OWONA Léonie, Head of the Social Action service
Deputy Secretary General: Alain Patrice NGONDI, Head of follow-up Unit
Treasurer : Ms ASTA WABI SAIBOU, Inspector N°2
Deputy Treasurer : ATANGANA Roger, Inspector N°4
Auditor N°01 : TOULOU MVODO, Technical Adviser N°02
Auditor N°01 : AMADOU Bello, Head of Communication Unit
List of Focal Points
Cabinet and General Secretariat: NGANDI MESSI
Department of Regulation and Follow-up of Postal Activities : Ms YONG Isabelle
Director of General Affairs : Ms OWONA Léonie
Director of Planning and Development of P and T : ONGONO Olivier
Legal Affairs Division: Ms GOUASSA Elisabeth
Division of the Regulation of the Telecommunications sector : ONANA Faustin
International Co-operation Division: YEME Bienvenu

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