Road map for the Anti-AIDS Unit

The Missions of the Sector Committee as defined by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications during its installation on 12 July 2010

The committee's mission is:
1. To provide peer educators in the P & T sector with clear, accurate and up-to-date information on infection;

  1. To help P & T patients cope with the emotions and difficulties of diagnosing HIV and those experienced afterwards: shock, depression, anger, fear, guilt, Anxiety, suicidal tendencies, stress, discrimination and stigmatization;
  2. To help PLHIV in the P & T sector solve their financial and sexual difficulties;
  3. To help P & T patients make choices that will extend and improve the quality of their lives;
  4. To assist P & T patients in avoiding HIV transmission or reinfection;
  5. To raise awareness among PLHIV in the P & T sector in order to avoid stigmatization and discrimination;
  6. To facilitate discussions on risk behaviours and situations, with the aim of promoting awareness and behavioural change among workers;
  7. To disseminate basic information on transmission methods and means of prevention from sexually transmissible infections and HIV / AIDS through educational lectures;
  8. To propose training sessions for peer educators in the P & T sector;
  9. To hold 02 training sessions of 30 peer educators annually with sector staff.
  10. To organize at least two educational talk sessions per year within each structure of the Post and Telecommunication sector.
  11. To produce and distribute outreach materials to target groups;
  12. To organise awareness-raising workshops on STD / HIV / AIDS staff in the post and telecommunication sector in the 10 regions, one workshop per year.
  13. To organize a voluntary HIV testing campaign at the central and regional level each year to analyse the results and to propose means and facilities for the care of patients.
  14. To determine a day to promote the use of condom every year for events such as: World AIDS Day, International Women's Day, World Post Day, World Telecommunication Day and The African Post and Telecommunication Days.
  15. To identify and appoint 40 focal points at the regional level that is, 4 per region
  16. To hold an inception workshop of the 40 appointed focal points on the mechanisms and methods of coordinating the monitoring and evaluation of the plan to fight against AIDS.


Download the  SECTOR PLAN 2011-2015 TO FIGHT AGAINST  HIV, AIDS AND STI’s IN THE P&T SECTOR document English version (PDF file)