Strategic Plan for a Digital Cameroon by 2020

and economic development. Digital economy includes three dimensions. The first, which is described as the core of digital economy, is based on the development of broadband electronic communication infrastructure, but also on the development of the data processing and electronics sectors.

The second dimension deals with activities that result from the development of the digital economy.  These  activities  are described  as the  new  economy,  and  only  exist thanks to the core  of  digital technology, that  is,  the broadband  infrastructure and the Internet.

The third dimension deals with transforming existing sectors of activity, by integrating the use of ICTs in the implementation of the activities of these sectors:  administration, posts, tourism, trade…   

Nowadays, digital economy is a vector of growth, productivity and competitiveness of companies and countries. Its cross-sectional nature is such that it influences all sectors of the economy; it is also the source of recent innovative sectors while other sectors are now totally depending on it. In this regard, the sectorial strategy of MINSPOTEL has set as strategic objective to “increase qualitative, quantitative and affordable access to electronic communication services nationwide”. The  challenge for  Cameroon  in the field  of  communication and telecommunication  infrastructure  is to  harness  achievements, develop  broadband  infrastructure  in  order to  enable the integration of our country in the global economy of knowledge.

Faced with this  challenge, the  plan for  a  “Digital  Cameroon by 2020“ focuses on defining strategic areas,  actions and priorities with great  impact  on the  digital  development  of the territory,  enhancing the  use  of  ICT  services, fighting  against  poverty  by creating  jobs  and  increasing the  national  economic  growth rate. Implementing this Plan requires a certain number of cross-sector actions such as improving on governance, enhancing human capital and digital confidence, taking into consideration environmental aspects and providing appropriate financial resources.