The minister


The Minister



 Minister of Posts and Telecommunications

Born on 4th March 1959 in Mvieng

Training and diplomas obtained

- 1975-1976: B.E.P.C;
- 1977-1978: Probatoire D;
- 1978-1979: Baccalauréat D;
- 1979-1972: Licence ès Sciences Economiques (Option Analyse et Politiques Economiques) - with Honours;
- 1982-1984: Post graduate Certificate in Revenue Services -with Honours; 

Other distinctions

- 1988: Diploma of the World Customs organisation (Best official);
- 2002: Diploma of the World Customs organisation(Best official) in professional ethics;
- 2005: Medal of the WCO for significant actions for the development of the Customs at international level.

Professional experiences

- 1984-1988: Inspector of Customs at the Yaounde Central Railway office;
- 1988-1990: Head of Computer connection at the Littoral  Customs sector; 
- 1992-1995: Researcher No.2 at the Secretariat General in the MINEFI ;
- 1995-2002: Inspector-Auditor at the Centre Regional Customs Office;
- 2002-2004:  Head of Division of legislation and litigation at the General Directorate of Customs ;
- 2004- Avril 2008: Head of Division of legislation and International Cooperation at the General Directorate of Customs ;
- 2002- Avril -2004: Relay of the Director of Customs and acting fully as Interim;
- 2004-2007: Relay of the Director General of Customs and acting fully as Interim;
- 2008-2015: Director General of Customs;



- 1997-2007: Part-time Lecturer in the National School of Administration and Magistracy;
- 1999-2003 : Member of the Permanent Secretariat of the Customs Administration Reform Committee ; 
- 2000-2007 : Head of Customs Section at the Revenue Service Division of ENAM ; 
- 2014-2016 : Vice chair of the World Customs Organization for West and Central African Region.
Founding Chair of the Cameroon Customs Women Association (CCWA)

 Internships and seminars
-    Project management through the participatory method (organized by ADF) ;
-    Definition of transaction value (organized by SGS) ;
-    Training course for trainers at the French Customs School of Neuilly, France;
-     Training course in project management and computer security in BULL (Saint Ouen, France).



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