Under the authority of a Division Head, the Projects, Studies and Prospective Division shall be responsible for:

- coordinating the implementation of transversal or specific programmes and projects; - evaluating and following up the implementation of the above mentioned programmes and projects;

- keeping a data bank on transversal or specific projects; - observing, analysing and assessing telecommunications contracts, in conjunction with the Telecommunications Regulatory Board;

- assessing social and economic stakes in the domain of telecommunications and information and communication technologies;

- assessing economic stakes of the regulation;

- preparing the specifications of contracts to be entrusted to the Bureau of Studies;

- keeping and publishing statistical data on Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies;

- preparing meetings for the Inter-ministerial Committee in charge of controlling the consumptions of public services electronic communication means;

- keeping the phone directories and billing file for the electronic communications means consumption of social and economic studies for public Administrations, in the domain of Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies;
- identifying and developing national infrastructure programmes and projects, in conjunction with operators of the sector;

- implementing national infrastructure programmes and projects ;

- developing, implementing and assessing the Telecommunications and of Information and Communication Technologies sector strategy, in conjunction with operators and development partners of the sector;

- developing and following up the implementation of the Master plan for the development of Telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies national infrastructure, in conjunction with the sector operators;

- identifying, studying and implementing measures aiming at promoting a harmonious and coherent development of national infrastructure.

It shall comprise:

- the Projects Unit;

- the Economic Studies and Prospective Unit.