Under the authority of a Director, the Department of Postal Infrastructure, Equipment and Networks shall be responsible for:
− Formulating and examining incentive measures aiming at encouraging and fostering the participation of the private sector in the development of postal infrastructure and equipment, within a competitive environment;
− Developing national standards for postal infrastructure, equipment and networks, in conjunction with Administrations and Institutions concerned;
− Harmonizing standards for the interoperability and interconnection of postal networks;
− Examining homologation files of postal networks interoperability and interconnection partnerships;
− Popularizing postal infrastructure and equipment standards;
− Defining identification codes of postal networks;
− Following up and assessing the implementation of technical partnerships in the postal domain;
− Popularizing postal buildings and networks standards;
− Coding and addressing in the postal domain, in conjunction with the Administrations concerned;
− Ensuring the strategic watch of postal technologies and engineering;
− Fixing general objectives for the development of infrastructure and networks;
− Participating to the formulation and implementation of the Government policy in the postal sector;
− Identifying and formulating national infrastructure programs and projects, in conjunction with the sector operators;
− Implementing national infrastructure programs and projects;
− Developing, implementing and assessing the sector strategy of posts, in conjunction with operators and partners to the sector development;
− Developing and following up the implementation of the master plan for the development of national postal infrastructure, in conjunction with the sector operators;
− Identifying, studying and implementing measures aiming at promoting a harmonious and coherent development of national infrastructure;
− Following up the access to networks opened to the public;
− Following up the implementation of interconnection modalities of postal networks and provision conditions of postal services;
− Ensuring economic and social studies in the domain of posts.

It shall comprise:
− The Sub-Department of Postal Infrastructure and Equipment;
− The Sub-Department of Postal Networks;
− The Sub-Department of Postal Planning and Development.


Mme MUTLEN Pauline sp BIKAY

Director (DIER)