The Secretariat General

The Secretariat General's missions

The Secretariat General shall be under the authority of a Secretary General, who shall be the Minister’s main collaborator and shall monitor the smooth functioning of the Ministry Affairs. To this end, he shall receive the necessary delegations of signature.
In this capacity, he shall:
- Co-ordinate the activities of the services of the Central Administration, Deconcentrated Services and Committees created within the Ministry and hold co-ordination meetings, the minutes of which he shall forward to the Minister;
- Define and codify internal procedures in the Ministry;
- Ensure the continuous training of the staff and, under the authority of the Minister, organize seminars, refresher courses, further training and
specialization courses;
- Follow-up, under the authority of the Minister, the actions of attached services whose programme of action he shall approve and for which he shall receive an activity report;
- Ensure the speedy processing of files, centralize archives and manage the documentation of the Ministry.

When the Secretary General is absent or unable to carry out his duties; the Minister shall designate a Director to stand in for him.

The following services shall be attached to the Secretariat General:
- The Legal Affairs Division;
- The International Co-operation Division;
- The Training Unit;
- The Follow-up Unit;
- The Communication Unit;
- The Computer Systems Unit;
- The Translation Unit;
- The Reception, Mail and Liaison Sub-Department;
- The Documentation and archives Centre.



M.M.Mohamadou SAOUDI

The Secretary General of MINPOSTEL