The Inspectorate General of Services


The Inspectorate General of Services's missions

Under the authority of an Inspector General, the Inspectorate General of
services shall be responsible for:
- The internal audit and the assessment of the functioning of the central services,
institutions under the supervisory authority of the Ministry, as well as attached
bodies and projects;
- Evaluating the performance of services in relation to the objectives set, in
conjuncture with the Secretary General;
- Informing the Minister on the quality of the functioning and the administrative
and financial output of services;
- The follow up of the implementation, and regular assessment, of organizational
techniques and procedures as well as streamlining administrative work, in
conjunction with the competent services of the Ministry in charge of
Administrative Reform.
- Implementing the strategy for the fight against corruption, in conjuncture with
the Ministry Unit for the Fight against Corruption.

In addition to the Inspector General of services, it shall comprise three (03)
Inspectors of services.
In the accomplishment of their duties, the Inspector General and the Inspectors
shall have access to all the documents of the services they control.
In that capacity they may:
- Request in writing, information, explanations or documents from the officials of
the services they control who shall be bound to comply within set time limits;
- On request and at any time, use the personnel they need from other services of
the Ministry;
- Whenever need be, call on the forces of Law and order, after due notice from
the Minister and in accordance with the legislation, to assist them or to make a
written report of instances of misuse of public property.
Following each inspection or control mission, a report shall be submitted to the
Minister. A copy of the report shall also be forwarded to the Secretary General.
The Minister shall forward a copy of the report to the Minister in charge of
Administrative Reform and to the Minister in charge of Higher State Control.
The Minister shall forward a quarterly monitoring report, as well as an annual
report on the activities of the Inspectorate General to the Prime Minister, Head of



M. NDONGO Paul Petit

The Inspectorate General of Services




The Inspectorates of Services

M.BITOMA Parfait

Inspectorate of Services n°1

M.GOUFAN A FION Alain Legrand

Inspectorate of Services n°2


Inspectorate of Services n°3