National Campaign to Promote the Responsible use of Social Media

Youths: Most Susceptible to Provide Digital Solutions to Challenges.

Students at the NERVTEK Academy displayed technological innovations that provide digital solutions to societal challenges at a meeting organised by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on Friday 9 February, 2024 , in prelude to the upcoming National Youth Day.
Students below 13 at the NERVTEK Company impressed participants over the development of technological innovations conceived with cutting edge tools to serve as digital solutions to some societal difficulties. 
Three main innovations were presented. In agriculture was the "Plant Welfare Monitoring System", a device with camera security used by farmers to monitor the welfare, humidity, soil moisture and temperature of their crops in real time. In climate was the "Weather Station that mostly enables researchers to get accurate weather data like Pressure, Altitude, Temperature, and Wind Speed. The Generative Artificial Inteligence " was conceived to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create useful content such as flyers(, websites (, images(, and stories(Microsoft Copilot) in minutes by prompting an AI model.
To the kids, it was an exciting moment and opportunity for them to showcase their talents and how as youths, they can contribute in the digital economy of the country.
The demonstrations were just one of the many activities carried out by the NERVTEK Company at the meeting organised by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng on Friday 9 February, 2024, in MINPOSTEL as part of activities to intensify sensitization on the responsible use of social media amongst youths in prelude to the commemoration of the 58th edition of the National youth day.
Taking the stage, the Founder and CEO of NERVTEK Company, Mr. Nervis NZOMETIAH TETSOP, winner of the 2020 Presidential Award of the best ICT project of the year and Goodwill Ambassador for cybersecurity termed it a privilege to unveil the actions undertaken by the company in 2023 and prospects for the coming year. Part of which is the continuous nurturing of the two flagship activities of Nervtek (Makerspace and Nervtek Education). 
Across these schemes, over 100 kids have been trained in ICT related activities. "As the World’s most interconnected generation, young people are at the forefront of Digital Technology advancement making them unavoidable" said the young founder. According to him, because over 75 % of young people use the internet, it makes them a generation of digital natives. He believes the great significance of young people's presence, power, potential, skills, and influence on technologies 
have made them key stakeholders in accelerating digital development.
The Minister on her part, saluted the strides taken by Nervtek to guide youths to the path that drives a country to economic rise. While reiterating government's unflinching support, the Minister did not hesitate to drill the children on the stakes, challenges and opportunities of ICTs. To justify youths' ability in mastering ICTs, she said "When it comes to ICTs, the evidence is clear: young people today are born with digital technology, and they grasp all its tools immediately and intuitively." As a piece of advice to the youths, she told them; "Never get discouraged.Turn obstacles into trigger for success. In the digital world, progress is lightning-fast, which means you need to work harder and be bolder. Remember that "The sky is the limit". In so doing, and in putting forward solutions to the challenges facing society, never forget that you must be die-hard patriots.Do not allow yourselves to be embroiled in adventures whose aim is to destabilise our country. Resist such manoeuvres with all the energy you can muster. " To the NERVTEK team, it was an assurance of government's relentless efforts in supporting the initiative and commissioning them to spread their tentacles wider. 
The event saw the handing of certificates to students of the NERVTEK Academy for their brilliant and contextual digital innovation products and to the teachers as testimony of satisfaction for the knowledge impacted in young learners.
In return the team equally gifted the Minister with a digital picture of her as symbol of recognition for her commitment to the youths in the field of ICT and particularly to the NERVTEK Company. 
Sensitization kits to intensify the campaign to promote the culture of cybersecurity and raise awareness on the responsible use of social media were handed to the participants as they look forward to hitting the road in the days ahead back to Buea in the South-West Region of Cameroon.