National Youth Day 2024, Near 700 Students Sensitized on the Patriotic and Civic use of Social Media in Yaounde

Educative talks and sensitization sessions were part of the panoply of activities carried out by MINPOSTEL at the MONGO BETI lay private school on Wednesday 7th February, 2024, in collaboration with MENDO Company on the responsible use of social media

within the framework of the celebration of the 58th edition of the 2024 National Youth Day in Cameroon.

In as much as the battle to digitally transform Cameroon is being interrupted by some mal practices particularly animated by youths considered to be the citizens of tomorrow, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications will leave no stone unturned until it wins them over to join the national coalition caravan for the proper use of social media.

It is within this backdrop that on the occasion of the commemoration of the 58th edition of the National Youth Day, under the sponsorship of MINPOSTEL in collaboration with the MENDO Company, activities geared towards intensifying sensitization on the patriotic and civic use of the social networks amongst youths were organized within the framework of the “MENDO ICT CAMPUS TOUR”.

Mr. Arouna MFENJOU, CEO of digital Access, expert in cybersecurity and Partner with MINPOSTEL, during his presentation drilled the students on the setbacks of hate speech online, misinformation and disinformation. He called on the students not to animate nor entertain any act on the social media that will pose prejudice to their future and the nation’s image at large. He enjoined the students to feed their minds with productive and positive thinking as well as cease the opportunities offered by ICTs. In the same vein, Mr. Etoundi Yves, expert as well from MINPOSTEL reminded the students of the 10 tips to observe while on the internet particularly that which cautions users to think before clicking. “All what you do on the internet constitute your digital print”, he reminded them.

Mr. Hugues Cedric NGBWA NGBWA, CEO of MENDO Company in his speech lauded the school and MINPOSTEL for their tireless efforts in educating young Cameroonians to the right path. He emphasized that other than the vulgarization of cybersecurity and the responsible use of social media, their objective is equally to sensitize students against violence in the school milieu, how to care for their environment and digital entrepreneurship.

In line with these objectives, a round table was organized where pertinent issues were tackled around the theme: “Youth Actions and Cameroon’s Development”. Also, competitive activities such as poems and quizzes animated the event which culminated to the award of prizes to winners.

According to the CEO, this same sensitization caravan that has been touring in several other schools for close to a week will continue to College Prive Bilingue Montesquieu on Thursday 8th February 2024.