International Girls Day in ICT 2023. ICT related courses prescribed to young girls.

The MINPOSTEL boss made this call while presiding over the open Days of the Melen Government School as part of the celebration of the International Girls Day in ICT on Thursday, 17th April, 2023.
Within the context of the International Girls Day in ICT, observed on April 27, 2023, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng, presided over the open days of the Melen Government School. The celebration placed under the theme "Acquisition of essential digital skills for life", was organised by the women's startup, Cameroon Youth School Tech Incubator (CAYSTI), under the sponsorship of MINPOSTEL.
According to Arielle KITIO, Founder and President of CAYSTI, the program aims at exhibiting young girl's contributions and potentials in ICT and Tech in general, introduce them to learning opportunities through sensitization and practical workshops in ICT and canvass for equality in the access of competences, job opportunities, financial and institutional support of girls. It should be noted that CAYSTI has trained over nine thousand (9000) young people in ICT from 17 schools. 
The Minister in her address, lauded the initiative of the CAYSTI team in striving to bridge the digital gap that exists between the girl and boy child. She went further to pledge her ever ready support to any initiative tilted in that direction. To the young girls, the Minister encouraged them by saying "young girls, take up the challenge, your place is not only in the kitchen. Gone are the days when girls will shy from maths, sciences, engineering. You can do it". In show of her support to encourage not only the girl child in the fight to accelerate the Cameroon's digital economy, sensitization books for pupils were handed to the three Directors of the Melen Government School. 
To the close to 50 pupils and students from 8 primary and secondary schools who assisted in the workshop, individual prizes were awarded by CAYSTI and FEICOM. 
In attendance was the European Union Ambassador to Cameroon, UNESCO, GIZ and UNICEF Representatives, school administrators and a host of others. A guided tour to the exhibition stance was an opportunity for CAYSTI to present the tech potentials in young girls.