6th edition of the ICT Holidays Camps : Young people of Lolodorf introduced to ICT

The ICT Camps, ended on the 20th August at Government Bilingual High School Lolodorf,  regroup eight hundred and two youths (802) within the age range of 10-18 years during 5 days.

Placed under the theme “Young people mobilized for a patriotic revival in the use of social media”, this event is an ICT popularization program for rural and semi urban youth and designed to encourage and develop the learning of ICTs and to promote the responsible use of these technologies.

During five days, the young were housed at the government Bilingual High School Lolodorf, Complexe Ecole Maternelle Francophone, Ecole Maternelle Bilingue and Ecole du Centre.This ICT camp is organized each year by the Minister of Post and Telecommunication in the view to integrate the participant into the utilization of digital practices at their live project. The first site regrouped pupils from 9-14 years with YouTube and Snap chat camps. Secondly, divided the camps into eight families each. the site of the complex called “ANTIC “brought together young people from 15-18 years old, with the Facebook and Tik-Tok camps divided into eight families each supervised by 90 monitors.

In a country like Cameroon were digital is not update “The ICT camp has greatly empower us with the values to build a
better nation. We say thank you mama Minette for this program. A special thank you to our President; Paul BIYA, who is requesting for all to be sensitized. We do took this engagement to be responsible and mature in the way we use the social media; henceforth, to dialogue, to be humble, to
be patient to be tolerant and above all prioritize our living together, so
as to become the patriots that our nation needs for its emergence  » , to reassure the participants they promise.

These participants took part in many activities such as : ICT impregnation workshops, led by trainers from the African Institute of Information (IAI) Cameroons, Educational task and practical advice on the  responsible use of social networks and Social activities Socio-cultural activities and other healthy and educational leisure activities.

According to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, The ICI falls within the Instructions of the Head of State. “The ICT Holidays Camps falls in line of the Revered calls of the President of the Republic. Under the impetus and coordination of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, my ministerial department conducts and implements a support program for young people in digital technology. In this context, several initiatives and projects are carried out with the aim of encouraging and developing the learning of ICT in schools and contributing in digital inclusion.” Dixit Mrs Minette Libom Li Likeng.