ICT Holiday Camps 2022 - Lolodorf : Sub-Divisional Officer gets acquainted with the camp's activities.

The newly appointed Sub-Divisional Officer of Lolodorf, Mr GABANA ADJIA Thomas, in the evening hours of Wednesday 17th August, 2022, paid a visit to the two sites hosting the participants of the ICT Holiday Camps 2022, in Lolodord, South Region of Cameroon.
Mr. GABANA and his entourage were received by the Coordinators and monitors of the respective hosting sites and a host of officials from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. He was explained the modus operandi of the camps and then given a guided tour of the campus. Starting from the observation of on-going activities to the dormitories and then the kitchen and finally, the infirmary. The sud-division officer who keenly observed with a lot of admiration when asked of his impressions, said, and I quote "I came to have a firsthand acquatance and be schooled on the purpose and activities of the said camps. It is equally an opportunity for me to see the conditions under which the children are lodged. As concerns my impressions, I reserve them for now. Nevertheless, I'm flattered by the enthusiasm with which the youths respond to activities and the leadership skills of their monitors. Also, I applaud the initiative of an infirmary to provide first aid needs." end of quote.
However, as the days unfold, the sub-divisional officer like the entire population reserve their comments until all must have been declared ended. Saturday 20th August, 2022, is that D-day awaited for constructive criticism.