ICT Holiday Camps 2022 - Lolodorf : Over 850 young people registered

The reception of registered youths to assist in the 2022 ICT Holiday Camps kicked started this Tuesday 16th August, 2022. Young people trooped in from neighbouring villages of Lolodorf sub-division in the South Region of Cameroon early this morning to get installed and begin activities.  
Bags on their backs, lost yet enthusiastic expressions are some of the words that characterise the looks of the young participants who made their entrance into the different sites hosting the 6th edition of the ICT Holiday Camps annually organised by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in order to popularise ICT among rural and semi-urban youths as well as promote cybersecurity.
The programe that has thus registered slightly over 850 of the targeted1000 young people is placed under the theme "Young People, Mobilised For a Patriotic Revival in the Use of Social Media".
While the young participants ponder over their fate in the next 5 days (16-20 August 2022), confined within a limited space with other youths between the ages 10 and 18, coming from different villages (Kouambpoer 1&2, Ngoyan, Madong on the stretch of Eseka, BiGambo etc.), schools, social strata, height, colour, the coordinators on their part are busy splitting them in the two main lodging sites; the Lolodorf Primary School site named after ART (telecommunications Regulatory Board) hosts the youths aged 10-14 while the Government Bilingual Secondary school named after ANTIC (National Agency of Information and Communication Technologies) accommodates those from 15-18 years.
For effective management, each site has two camps with each camp divided into 8 families. Each family is assigned facilitators to drill the campers on the respective activities.
According to the participants on campus, they are impressed by the reception thus far and eager to discover the content of the program. Facilitators as well, are well equipped and prepared to make it not only educative but a fun filled event while looking forward to a grandiose closing ceremony come Saturday 20th August, 2022.