Electronic Communication - NPSI: The USSD Code #237# Offering More Electronic Commumication Services and Boosting CAMPOST's Service Package

Upon the directive of the President of the Republic through the Prime Minister to rehabilitate the public postal operator, that is the Cameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST) to make it a major instrument of financial and digital inclusion in a bid to transform this comapany to a space par excellence for the development of the digital economy in Cameroon, the National Digital Payment Switch Infrastructure (NPSI) saw the light of day. The road map to achieve this giant step had to resolve three main problems; the reorganization of CAMPOST from a dying business model, enhancing cybersecurity and considering a financial inclusion. The NPSI was the ideal platform that could provide a durable answer to these exigencies.
The NPSI is a platform set up by the State and lodged at CAMPOST. This
platform aims at promoting a comprehensive multi-channel transaction and payment switching platform that leverages electronic communication and telecommunication technologies to enable value-added service providers in general or financial service providers in particular to offer their services via a mobile phone or the internet.
This is the platform that brought the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng to the Cercle Municipal of the Yaounde Town Hall on Tuesday, 05th July, 2022, to preside over its official presentation to the public.
In her speech, the Minister said this platform will facilitate access to the USSD code for any provider of
value-added electronic communications services, including financial services, reduce the costs of transactions and delivery of value added electronic communications services, provide a favourable environment for start-ups and enable the deployment of low-cost applications, facilitate the instant identification and location of mobile financial services users in order to combat terrorist financing and money laundering, enable the traceability and storage of data, in order to collect taxes on all digital financial transactions. Summarily, its a many in one package put at the disposal of both the operators and the users.
According to the CEO of e TRANZACT Mr. Valentine Obi, this platform offers financial inclusion particularly to startups who will not have to gather a lot of funds to establish their own platforms upon commencement of their own businesses. To all operators selling services, the Technical Adviser No 2 of MINPOSTEL Dr. Mfuh Windfried says its a golden opportunity offered them to come together in one market place therefore a big YES should be said to it as it operates on TRUST.
For a better explanation and comprehension of the said offer, presentations in line with the service were delivered by MINPOSTEL, CAMPOST, eTRANZACT, the Telecommunications Regulatory Board, the National Agency of Information and Telecommunications Technologies. Testimonies as to how this platform has and will impact service providers were equally on the menu.
Conclusively, the Minister invited the Management of CAMPOST to assume all its responsibilities in
the development of a modern post office at the service of the digital transformation of Cameroon. She equally urged all the stakeholders in the ecosystem to get implicated in the implementation of the objectives of developing and modernizing the postal network,
to make it a vector of digital and financial inclusion.
The NPSI is a product of a public private partnership agreement signed on 15th January 2019 between MINPOSTEL, CAMPOST, eTRANZACT UK LTD, CT & LTD and created by decision of the Government No 000000248/MPT/CAB/IGT/CT2 of 26th November 2019. It also has a regulatory process completed by the Governor of the Bank of Central African State ( BEAC) under decision No 013/GR/2022 of April, 2022.
However, one thing was made clear to the host of participants at the launch. NPSI is not a bank nor a mobile money or telephone operator but an ENABLER and FACILITATOR.