Winner of the best ICT Project at the 2021 Digital Innovation Week, MEYE MBA NTIAM, received in audience by Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng to express gratitude over the award of 10,000,000 FCFA by the Head of State.
The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Minette Libom Li Likeng assisted by the Secretary General and some officials of MINPOSTEL received in her Ministerial cabinet the start-upper who won the special prize of the President of the Republic at the competition for the Best ICT project organized during the 3rd edition of the ICT Innovation Week held from the 14th-18th of March 2022.
The yound Cameroonian, MEYE MBA NTIAM Serge Stephane, distinguished himself of the over 350 candidates who postulated for the competition by inventing the antivirus Meye Protect, the first of its kind in Africa and first in the world equipped with an artificial intelligence capable of preventing computer attacks and protecting smartphones.
The subject of this meeting was for the young inventor to express and extend his gratitude to the Head of State, His Excellency President Paul Biya for awarding him and his entire team the sum of Ten Million FCFA (10,000,000 frs) as the winner of the said competition and the government for the support it will receive for the effective launch of its project. He went further to thank the Head of State for his attention particularly in the youths in all areas of activities particularly in the domain of ICT and cybersecurity. This according to the CEO and founder of Meye Protect will, I quote "demonstrate Cameroonian know-how in the matter of Cybersecurity in Africa and around the world considering that the echo and effectiveness of the Meye Protect antivirus is already resounding throughout the African continent and outside Africa.
In response to Mr. MEYE's words of thanks, Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng ceased the opportunity to shortlist the other items that constituted the prize award and recall the objective of the ICT Innovation Week. Key in her note address was the government's keen interest in the development of a sustainable digital economy which goes beyond just the establishment of infrastructure. According to the host, I quote "if we compare electronic communication infrastructure to motorways, these motorways can only be important if vehicles are travelling on them in complete security. In otherwords, without content, there will be no point developing infrastructure and to achieve this, the main challenge rests in the support of the emergence of a mature and solid digital ecosystem in the long term which will bring new economic opportunities." End of quote.
According to the Minister, it is the more reason why the government has resorted in providing support and assistance to young people's initiatives in this promising field such as institutional and financial support, monitoring and coaching of young idea holders, partnership with international institutions, the offering of a one year high speed internet connection to start-uppers of the Silicon Mountain Community in Buea, the creation of the Cameroon Digital Innovation Centre (CDIC), just to name a few.
In this regard, the Minister concluded by appreciating the project holder and his entire team for their cobtribution towards promoting cybersecurity in the country and Africa at large and reiterterated the determination of the government to provide all its support to the Cameroonian youths who are working towards the establishment of a genuine local ICT industry.