World backup day, A pretext to raise awareness on cybersecurity

The Minpostel boss through  the World backup day of digital data on the 31st of March, 2022, launched the 3rd phase of the ongoing National Campaign to Promote the Culture of Cybersecurity.

On March 31st, 2022, Cameroonians joined their counterparts worldwide in commemorating the world backup day of digital data. 

As the celebration steams up, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications ceased the opportunity in launching the 3rd phase of the on-going National campaign to promote the culture of cybersecurity and raise awareness on the responsible use of social media.

Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng in addressing her audience on these two occasions at the Institute Plyvalent NIBERT situated in Etou-Ebe 2, Yaounde, expressed her satisfaction at the warm reception offered her by the school administration, local authorities and students. The campaign, she continued is designed to mobilise all social classes, pupils, students, young people, adults, men and women, in the fight against cybercrime and to make responsible use of social media. Hence the importance of the awareness-raising campaign prescribed by the Head of State.  

Speaking to the students and pupils, she earmarked 13 major aspects the youths must consider and guard against while on the internet or using the social media, amongst which, the social media and internet being very important tools opening the world to them with vast opportunities that must be used at their profit and not to incite revolt against state institutions, fake information and images fabricated to misinform, shock, sow psychosis among the population, and discredit the country, hacking of websites and Facebook accounts of high-profile personalities and institutions.

The representative of the Mayor of Yaounde 6, expressed his joy for the Minister's choice over the jurisdiction to launch this 3rd phase. He pledged the support of the inhabitants in his area of command in joining the National Coalition to promote cybersecurity.  

The Founder of IPONI, Mr.  Ngabmen Hubert, though overwhelmed by the Minister's presence in his institution to commemorate two grandious events, saw the platform as the most adequate opportunity to pose some problems faced by his institution and others in that zone in terms of ICTs.

The students on their part followed keenly to the very practical presentations delivered by Mr. Wndfred Mfuh and Mr. Bamasi Franck both experts in cybersecurity. These presentations that were accompanied by a questions and answers session and a quiz on cyber challenge did not only send the students home with prizes but proved how timely this campaign was in that part of Yaounde going by the pertinence of the questions posed by both the primary and secondary learners of the said institution. 

For continuous reminder of the teachings, flyers and good practice kits on the use of Internet were distributed to students and pupils, books as well as the same good practice kits were also handed over to the college officials for distribution and equipping of the school's library, posters were put in the school compound, Administrative authorities were equally handed sensitization documents for public offices in their  jurisdiction. "Read it carefully and now do what it says or if you don't understand, ask an elder to help you understand." Those were the last instructions of the Minister to the young learners.

The Minister crowned the event with a firm encouragement on the importance of backing up our digital data stating that,  "in an increasingly digital world, our lives are intrinsically connected to technology, and each of us builds up a quantity of data through all the devices we use. It is imperative to make regular backups and to adopt a few practices in order to avoid unpleasant surprises linked to the loss of our data or to theft by a third party." 

Colour was added to the celebration by a series of display of cultural dances, words of encouragement by two Goodwill Ambassadors of cybersecurity.