ICT Holiday Camps in Bertoua 2021. Camp fire: Campers reminded on the responsible use of social media in a bid to preserve cultural heritage.

They were 9 fire sticks representing the 9 families. All standing at a far distance around a massive pile of wood ready to be lit. Songs of animations were sung, calling on the different families.

As they respond to the call, they drew nearer to the heap of wood where they all converged and set a huge flame on it. Around it, they sang, clapped and danced. Ancestral tales were narrated and parables were told as they all sat feet crossed. Such was the atmosphere in the evening of the fire camp at the Grand Seminaire camps in Bertoua on the 26th of August 2021, during the ICT holiday Camps.

According to Mr. Etoundi, one of the coordinators at the camp, the exercise seeks the teach the children the method by which their ancestors learned which was around the fire place particularly through tales. He went further to affirm that none of the songs and tales bare messages of the campaign but it was pertinent for them to know their origin in a bid to understand what values to promote in order to preserve their cultural heritage and one of such values to promote is the responsible use social media, a platform that has came with an almost opposing view of the African culture.