ICT Holiday Camp in Bertoua 2021. Day 2: Campers get fully engaged

It all started on this 25th day in all the ICT Holiday camps in Bertoua where is holding the 5 edition of this program with personal hygiene, breakfast, general clean up and the singing of the National Anthem.

In their different assigned families named after windows fighting pirates or computer programes fighting viruses attacking our machines, was reinforced the theme of the camp, the camp's and family anthem. Worth noting is the fact that the teaching and learning process adopted by the monitors is the play-way method meaning, the teachers through sketches, dance, playbacks and songs, passed on the messages on the responsible use of social media.

According to Mr. Belinga Amougou Christian, ICT facilitator from the African Institute of Computer Sciences, the camp allocates 5 hours training daily for practicals. The passage which is done according to family, is said to be very satisfactory thus far, with the learners being very receptive and quick in assimilation says the facilitator.

In conclusion, an evaluation of the first training session on the ICT exercise earlier carried out was analysed, coupled with educative talks on the 5 best practices of Cybersecurity not leaving out songs n games crowned day 2