Audience, Arielle Kitio received in audience by the Minpostel

The creator of the CAYSTI Start-up came to present her technological plan to fight against Covid-19 and handed over to the Minister an automatic hand-washing kit, as well as hand sanitizer gels.

In her introductory speech, the founder of the Cameroon Youth School Tech Incubator (CAYSTI) informed the minister that she has taken the full measure of this pandemic which is undermining the happiness of her fellow citizens and has made it a priority to contribute in its eradication. Hence, Arielle Kitio has created a virtual assistant for mass communication that is able to answer questions from eight thousand people simultaneously. The African Digital Woman of the Year 2019 has also set up an e-learning platform. And there is more to come. "Conscious of the fact that the virus is transmitted more through the hands than any other part of the body, we have created a device that keeps it out of the washing process. It's a mechanical and automatic kit that is operated with the left foot to release the gel and with the right foot to open the tap and run water," says the woman, whose dynamism is no longer to be illustrated or proven.

This meeting gave the opportunity to the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications to commend the actions carried out by this brilliant woman in the fight against this pandemic.  "We are delighted with all these achievements which are evidence, of the adherence of Cameroonian youth in general, and digital start-ups in particular, to the Highest Appeal of the Head of State in the fight against this global health crisis in our country," said Minette Libom Li Likeng, who did not stop showering her with praises and gratitude. "Thank you for the automatic hand-washing kit and the hand sanitizer gels...This gesture is all the more symbolic as it shows the maturity you have gathered during all this time. It's a testimony of social responsibility that is often demonstrated by well-established companies among which CAYSTI, your company" she added.

The meeting ended with a demonstration of the use of the automatic hand-washing kit previously installed at the entrance of the ministry, which is already appreciated by all the staff.