PM's mission letter, Minpostel sets the pace

Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG presided over a meeting relating to this correspondence from the Head of Government, setting out the guidelines that should lead to the optimal implementation of the main recommendations.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Head of this ministerial department thanked God as she had done a few minutes earlier via a tweet. For having recovered from Covid-19, she attributed this healing to the grace of God and the devotion of the nursing staff. She seized the opportunity to call on all her staff to strictly observe the barrier measures.

Delving into the crux of the matter, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications gave the floor to all directors concerned by the mission letter of the Prime Minister, Head of Government. Thus, the Director of the Information Networks and Systems Security (DSR), Mrs Evina Pierette Annie spoke on the issue of identification of subscribers to electronic communications networks and that concerning the finalization, in connection with Minrex, of the Malabo and Budapest conventions on cybersecurity and protection of personal data.

Then, the Director of Infrastructures and Access Networks to Information and Communication Technologies (DIR.), Mr Robert Alabatena took the floor twice to raise the issue of connection to the 2021 AFCON optical fibre infrastructure, that of increasing the rate of accessibility to Internet network and concluded with the issue of research in connection with Mindcaf, of solutions for the identification and effective allocation of sites dedicated to the construction of digital cities in Yaoundé and Douala. Then, the Director of Infrastructure, Equipments and Postal Networks (DIER), represented by his Deputy Director, dwelt on the modernization process of post offices. Finally, the Head of the Legal Affairs Division (DAJ), Mr Emmanuel Pokossy Belle, spoke about the revision of sectorial laws aimed at strengthening the protection of minors on-line and promoting better adaptation of legislation to the digital age.

All these short presentations were each time characterized by constructive discussions, and marked by important recommendations from the Head of this ministerial department. Ms Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG, in addition to the technical orientations, globally requested her collaborators to multiply the consultations, to harmonize approaches, in order to be proactive, to enhance administrative cohesion and to always organise mid-term evaluations.

As a reaction to the Prime Minister statement, she also expressed satisfaction with the significant progress noted by her hierarchy, but called her staff to redouble efforts for an effective and efficient implementation of the actions contained in the letter of the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Gute.