Cameroon’s National Assembly takes on the Development of Digital Economy

On Wednesday July 6, 2017 Parliamentarians in charge of Telecommunications and other stakeholders of the Telecommunications sector assembled at the Glass House for a two-day seminar on Digital Economy organized by La Francophonie in partnership with

the National Assembly.

Participants at this seminar discussed the stakes and challenges of Digital Economy in Cameroon and Africa as a whole. In a series of working sessions they brainstormed on recommendations for a legal framework to organize the Digital Economy sector in Cameroon. They addressed issues concerning cyber security and the creation of a favorable environment for young entrepreneurs in the sector. They also reflected on the Small Business Act which is an important instrument for the development of the local Digital Economy.

The opening ceremony presided at by the Deputy House Speaker, Honorable Theophile BAORO representing the House Speaker Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, saw speeches and addresses from the President of the Network of Parliamentarians in charge of Telecommunications (REPATIC), Hon. Bara Julien, Mr Boubacar Noumansana, the representative of the Secretary General of La Francophonie, Prof. Francois Pelegrini of the University of Bordeaux on the Judicial implications of the Digital Economy, a Senegalese Digital Law expert, Prof. Adoullah Cisse on Cyber security and Digital sovereignty in Africa and the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL) among others.

On her part, Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng expressed delight on the initiative of this parliamentary seminar. She confidently opined that with the involvement of the National Assembly in the development of the digital economy she is sure to receive great support from the Members of Parliament (MPs). This seminar, she hoped, will bear a legal framework to organize the digital economy sector and will go a long way to promote activities in the sector. The MPs (members of REPATIC) though not of the young generation pay heed to President Paul Biya’s call to develop the sector, so all Cameroonians, especially the youth, must put hands on deck to promote Digital Economy which in turn will trigger economic growth.

The Minister also stated that MINPOSTEL has been executing a strategic plan for the development of Digital Economy with the support of her partners, as the digital economy is a key factor for economic growth.

The two-day parliamentary seminar had as participant members of REPATIC, representatives of La Francophonie, MINPOSTEL, ARMP, ART, ANTIC, telephone network operators, as well as other members of parliament. These minds contributed ideas to move forward the digital economy in Cameroon.