VII. Day Two of the activities of the "Digital Economy Globe trotter".

Launched on Monday 6 February 2017 at the esplanade of the Yaoundé Town Hall by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG, the caravan of the "Digital economy Globe-Trotter" continues this Tuesday. The program of activities includes: continuation of

registrations of young people and B to B sessions with projects holders. The youths who are the target of this tour, have honoured this event by their massive presence since its launching. In this light, according to the official responsible for registration: "Many young people have been coming since the first day. There is a huge turnout. We have received over 200 among which curious people who think it is a mobile Internet café with free Internet connection. There are also those who came just because they heard about it in the media; but the most important category of visitors were project holders. We welcome everyone, we provide them with information and guidance”. "
Since Monday, activities of the caravan of the "Digital economy Globe-trotter" are somehow unfolding at the esplanade of Yaounde Town Hall. After registration young project holders or idea initiators are immediately directed to experts. The latter are tasked with supporting them in designing and developing their projects. The young Seydou, a native from Garoua in the North Region, had the opportunity to discuss this Tuesday with one of the experts of the tour: "I made this long journey because I want to present my agricultural projects. I recently created a software that enables the installation of electronic chips on livestock in order to brand and identify them.
I also have another software which can track cattle and small livestocks, wherever they may be, to prevent any theft or loss of animal. You know that because the insecurity that prevails in the northern part of the country, we, the peasants regularly confronted with stealing or disappearance of ou animals. We can put an end to this sad situation if we take appropriate action. I know that this project will help many farmers in the Northern part of Cameroon and even in other regions”
Like Seydou, there are many young project holders or idea initiators relating to the development of digital economy. The "Digital economy Globe Trotter” tour, which ends on Thursday, February 9, 2017, in Yaoundé, is therefore the right platform which was set up by the MINPOSTEL, to welcome them, listen to them in order to guide them toward the achievement and materialisation of their project.