Paying tribute to some young laureates of international competitions in the digital sector

Launched on Monday, February 6, 2017 at the esplanade of the Yaounde City Council by the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette LIBOM LI LIKENG the caravan of the " Digital Economy Globe-trotter " continues Tuesday. On the agenda: continue the registration of

youths and B to B sessions with projects developers. Youths who are the target of this caravan, are honored by their presence since the launch of the event. In fact, according to those in charge of registration, "The youths have been coming in their numbers since day one. There is affluence. We have already received more than 200 among which there are those curious ones who think they can find a mobile cyber café here with free internet connection; those who come just because they heard about it in the media, and above all those who have projects. We welcome, inform and direct them. "
Since Monday at the esplanade of the Yaounde City Council, activities relating to the "Digital Economy Globe-trotter " caravan are going on as well as possible. After their registration, youths who are project initiators or have project ideas are immediately referred to experts. The latter are in charge of accompanying them in the design and maturation of their projects. Young Seydou, from the North Region in Garoua, had the opportunity to discuss this Tuesday with one of the experts of the caravan: "I made this long journey because I want to present my agro-pastoral projects. I recently created a software that enables the installation of electronic chips on cattle in order to mark and to identify it. I also have a software which makes it possible to trace a grazing cow or goat wherever it may be, in order to avoid theft or loss of the animal. You know, with the insecurity now prevailing in the northern part of the country, we, farmers, are constantly challenged with situations of theft or disappearance of our animals. This sad situation can end if we take proper measures. I know that this project will help many farmers in North Cameroon and even in other regions.
Like Seydou, there are many young project initiators or youths with ideas relating to the development of the digital economy. The "Digital Economy Globe trotter " caravan which ends on Thursday, February 9, 2017, in Yaoundé, is therefore the platform provided and set up by the MINPOSTEL, to welcome them, listen to them in order to orientate them towards the achievement and completion of their projects.