III. The digital economy Globe-trotter: the tour moves on to Douala

On Tuesday 18 April 2017, The Secretary General of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Armand Ndjodom, launched the second stage of the digital economy Globe-trotter. This ceremony took place in the gardens of the Hotel SAWA of Douala, in the presence of many young startupers of the

region who have come to present their projects and be supported in their maturation. In his opening speech, Armand Ndjodom once again invited the youths to fully take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies these days to make a place in this sector. “I urge you to drive the digital revolution, rather than being influenced by it," he said.
The first day of this second stage was marked by registration of close to fifty young people who had the opportunity to interact with experts from the Camerounaise de facilitation, d’investissement et de service aux entreprises (CAFAISE), a company specialised in designing and maturing business plans, which was selected to conduct the Globe-trotter tour.
B to B sessions between young ICT project holders and experts will continue until the closure on Friday 21 April 2017. However prior to that, Her Excellecy, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Mrs Minette Libom Li Likeng,is awaited to this event by 9:00 on Thursday 20 April for direct interactions with all young startupers.